The event will be served by the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Oporto. With flights to over 100 destinations and more than 6 million passengers a year it was considered the best European Airport in 2017. Transportation will be provided from here, the official pick up / drop off point. 


For those who choose the Lisbon Airport, we provide you a manual to help you get to Coimbra. Check it here.


Important: According to EUSA rules, the transportation provided by the organisation is from / to official pick up / drop off point - Porto Airport.


The transportation provided by the organisation has the following schedule:


- 23rd July during all day and 24th July until 1 pm;


- 28th during all day.


All transportation that aren't from the official pick up / drop off point - Porto Airport and are not on schedule will not be provided and the organisation do not take responsabilities for the safety of the travel.


Porto Airport – Estádio Universitário de Coimbra  (Accreditation Center)


Air Distance: 116.75 km

Real Distance: 131 km

Trip Duration: app. 1h 30 min



Polo II number 1 and number 2 Residence, Polo III Residence, António José de Almeida Residence and Combatentes will host the event.


Polo II Residence 

Polo III Residence



Will be held in our University Canteens inside de Coimbra University Stadium and next to the accommodation buildings.




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